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Es BioSolutions, Inc. is a life sciences company whose mission is to expand its core technology targeting products for treating inflammatory skin conditions.

Es BioSolutions (ESB) was formed around the development of a core technology that was found to have a unique and broad range of anti-inflammatory and anti-itch agents. These agents can be formulated into consumer products. Es is an acronym for “Everything skin.” We are not a cosmetics company, nor are we a pharmaceutical company. We are a life sciences company that provides effective solutions of skin treatments for treating chronic, inflammatory conditions that include eczema, acne, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, dandruff and others. Our ethos revolves around developing products that are Safe, Natural and Effective solutions, and at affordable prices.

Our Purpose

The purpose of ESB is to fill large, unmet needs in over-the-counter (OTC) markets for treating acute and chronic inflammatory skin conditions, with affordable and safe products. Itch is a symptom of many of these conditions. Until ESB’s technology, there have not been any safe, affordable and, most importantly, effective OTC products to provide relief for chronic itch. ESB has a solution for itch relief. In addition, the products provide improvement in associated symptoms of inflammatory conditions, such as dry, flaky and inflamed lesions. When properly formulated, moisturizing and hydration are key factors. In addition, ESB’s products have anti-oxidants that help protect the skin against reactive oxygen species. Some companies call these “anti-pollution” agents due to the rising level of pollutants in many cities. If your company’s target markets are for improving imperfect or irritating skin conditions, ESB’s technology and products can be developed to meet specific goals for topically applied treatments.

Our Beginning

The initial focus of our research started humbly by looking to incorporate certain, unique, natural extracts that were derived from fermentation, into skin care products.  Various types of fermentation derived extracts have been used for decades in cosmetic and skin care products.  ESB, however, has advanced the technology of fermentation extracts to a new level with significant new discoveries and unique extraction processes.  As unique as our development processes are, we focus on retaining Mother Nature’s original, natural chemistry in our extract mixtures and do not chemically alter the naturally derived extract materials.  We create extracts that are free of toxic substances creating a safe platform that can be used to develop simple formulations into a wide range of products.

Our Future

Our goal is to continue to build on our technology foundation to help soothe and relieve the symptoms of annoying skin disorders.  Moving forward, ESB is growing a team that is passionate about what we do, to prove that we are on our way to expand the range of uses where our core technology can be applied.  Clinical Studies and smaller Pilot Studies by an independent, international research firm has shown efficacy in 4 major skin disorders: eczema, athlete’s foot (a model for cracked skin), hemorrhoids, acne and dandruff.  Given the unique abilities of ESB’s extracts, we are also moving forward with products for animal care, including both pet, farm and industrial markets.

Other Uses

In the area of animal health care, ESB technology can provide similar benefits for sensitive skin as we have for human skin treatments.  Another key feature is that our core extract can be used in products that are designed to help remove odors that come from both skin and hair.  Our extracts are multi-functional and we would be glad to discuss details with interested parties.  [Contact]

Please visit our Technology page for more details on the fundamentals of our technology. 


Products and ingredients are made in the USA. 

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